Fiber Optic Installation Services

Fibre Optic installation and Data Cabling Networks projects to Telco standards. Our people use the most advanced technology and systems available to Design, Build and Project Manage Fibre ICT infrastructure projects.

Vast Experience & Expertise

Centurion Cable Network is a leading specialist of Fibre Optic & Data Networking installations for the Defense Industry, major telecommunication companies, power & utility companies, hospitals, local councils & Multiple private / industrial networks. We specialize in fibre optic commissioning and in providing last mile services to commercial & Residential premises. With years of experience, we are able to provide the best service and best solution for our customers. We are flexible and responsive to our customer’s needs and are prepared to go the extra mile to meet our obligations without compromising quality. Our knowledge of service is extensive. From building new network installations to fault location services – we deliver.

High performance fiber optic connectivity is now a critical component within every network infrastructure. This evolution has driven innovations in a range of areas, and fiber optic splicing is no different. Traditional methods of anaerobic epoxy connections for field-termination have been joined by a range of next generation splicing approaches that offer more flexibility and support your current and future termination needs.

It’s important to remember that there is no ‘single’ field termination connection method that suits every application, the diverse characteristics of both inside-plant and outside-plant environments requires taking an objective approach when selecting your preferred termination method to ensure you can save time and cost while optimizing your optical loss budget.

Centurion Cable Network Engineers are trained to handle any Optical-Fiber Loss Test Sets. The quality of any installation is summarised on the test results. We have invested in the latest testing equipment to provide accurate test results. Our test equipment is regularly tested and is calibrated to manufactures specifications.

We efficiently carry out Single Mode and Multi Mode fibre installations and testing services with full warranty provisions. We are well equipped to handle any fault-finding, fault location, and subsequent fiber repairs. For all damaged fiber cables, we are up to task to do an overhaul and offer replacements at very competetive rates.

We have also invested heavily on the blow-in-fibre machines and compressors. This comes in handy in blowing the layed down fibre and offer proper termination there after.

At Centurion Cable Network, We take over the administrative burden of critical permit applications and allow you to focus resources and skills on core business operations. We offer transparent, reliable wayleave and infrastructure protection services to a wide range of industries, including construction companies, telecommunications providers and corporates alike. We operate as your project partner, employing our expertise to deliver service excellence. With a national coverage and years of experience in the field, we have developed techniques to streamline processes and optimise results. Let us help you with your wayleave requirements, while you focus on what you do best.

fiber-critical technology solutions for businesses.

Centurion Cable Networks is a provider of fiber optics connecterization products, training and technical field services to the defense industry as well as commercial entities.