CCTV and Access Control

If you need to secure your business premises or home, it’s essential you get the RIGHT solution for your unique needs. That’s why I strongly recommend you talk to Centurion Cable Network.

cctv and access control systems

We specialise in designing and installing security solutions to world-class standards. Our team of professionals guarantee the ultimate solution for your security needs.

Business security is essential to profitability. Today, more than ever, security is crucial to your business. Staff safety, the protection of assets, information, stock and cash, controlling access and monitoring activity all affect your business. Efficient security systems allow your business to operate and to grow with confidence.

  • We provide industry leading Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and Video Management Systems for Surveillance and Market Applications.
  • We are experts in building access control systems, intercoms, swipe card, electronic door locks, biometric solutions and more.
  • We install and monitor Electronic Security Alarms for Business, Schools, Commercial Buildings, Retail and all kinds of properties.