Enterprise Data Centers

Secure, scalable, and award-winning data centre services for your critical IT infrastructure.

enterprise data center services

Our Data Centre Services enable you deploy your IT assets in any one of our professionally built and operated data centres located across the country – reducing your capital costs and freeing up your IT resource from the complexities of managing an in-house network.

We are Neutral and as such, you’ll receive world-class uptime, security and service availability. We’re carrier neutral so you can use either our extensive connectivity offerings or, should you choose, another provider’s connectivity options to our data centres.

We will bring you an extensive range of cloud services, enabling your journey to the cloud. A cloud-based solution means you can focus on technology outcomes and have flexibility to scale and meet your changing business needs.

We also offer co-location facilities that include data from large-scale commercial operations, government agencies, banks, and small businesses. No matter your business size or needs, we'll partner with you to provide a flexible, secure, and scalable solution.