Fibre Network Management

With more than 6,000km of fibre in the ground in the East Africa region, we make sophisticated, high-performance communications solutions more accessible than ever for your business locally and abroad.

Fiber Optic Technology

Fibre Optic Management

Our capability means that we provide comprehensive installation and maintenance services on communications infrastructure for telecommunication networks, as well as industrial and commercial customers.

We have a lot of experience on building fibre optic networks and we provide a full suite of maintenance and construction services for all types of networks. We have extensive experience installing fibre optic cables by both traditional laying methods, as well as the more specialised blown fibre work. Our highly trained and experienced team have worked on multimode and single mode fibre optic cabling systems and completed a range of internal and external cabling works in various environments. A highly skilled workforce enables works to be completed within tight timeframes, paving the way to commission specialised equipment within allocated timeslots.

Our full suite service includes:

  • Project management and project documentation skills
  • Fibre optic network installation, maintenance and repair
  • Multi-mode and single-mode fibre optic cabling systems
  • Internal and external cabling works in various environments
  • Installation and commissioning of substation telecommunications
  • Cable network testing and maintenance
  • Communications equipment service and repair