ICT Procurement
& Retail Services

Centurion Cable Network can source and supply all of your ICT equipment (software and hardware) needs as well as providing the total turnkey solution at competitive rates.

ict retail services

Our sales team works alongside our technical consultants to create cost–effective, robust solutions for our customers. We have a specialist sales team who understand the latest technology, licensing and configurations necessary to build these solutions for our customers.

The Centurion Cable Netowrk business model is to only sell the best products and only support a tight range of products using the best methods. This reduces complexity in the support and design of our solutions by not having to become experts in every available technology or software offering.

Our extensive knowledge of retail, approach to innovation, along with our focus on service excellence is what sets us apart from our competition. From point of sale and stock management, ERP to CRM, Logistics through to surveillance and business intelligence, no matter what your technology needs, you can rely on the experienced Centution team to support your retail business.